High Crew is a story about courage, loyalty and struggle set in the world full of exotic places, weird people and mysterious beings.


A young warrior is promoted to the most elite squad in service of the house. His ambitions are matched only by his prominent martial prowess. Yet would it be enough to survive in the faraway land where eldritch creatures walk among men? Challenges beyond count await him, brought forth by mystic forces and human cruelty, which is no less dangerous. This treacherous road leads into legend, but a missed step could cost more than life.

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Cover art by Alexandra Roslik.

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High Crew a work of fiction. Names, characters places, and events are pure products of author's imagination . Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.
Actions and ideas displayed in High Crew are born of a fictional world and era where the story takes place. They should not be judged according to morals of real life and modern society, neither can they be used as examples or guidelines for people to follow.
Content may be inappropriate for children and sensitive adults.
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